Empowering lives, business and communities
The Wonderful Group is made up of commercial and non profit brands built around shared values


We believe that people being nurtured, equipped and supported to live out their calling, whilst in a supportive and empowering community is a core pillar in enabling change.


Wonder is a sense of awe and majesty, something more than ordinary. So often our worlds or lives lack wonder, and we endeavour to inspire wonder in the lives of the entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses and communities we work with.


Transformed people & redemptive businesses make a positive lasting impact on culture. Our passion is to see the lives, businesses and communities we work make a marked difference in culture, both in practice and through their redemptive imagination.

Creating Wonder individually, CRAFTING impact together.

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Wonderful Agency

We work with ambitious global brands to create moments of wonder that change the game, develop lasting connections and deliver extraordinary results. Our human first approach to digital experiences draws on data and insight to understand and inform a journey of discovery, refinement and change. We work alongside our clients to understand, engage and captivate their audience, to set ambitious goals and to continuously ask, what does wonderful look like for your brand.

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Empowering change makes for greater impact. The Wonderful Foundation supports social entrepreneurs and community leaders in the development and growth of projects and initiatives that empower lives spiritually, economically or socially. Our vision is to empower people and organisations to deliver the best possible outcomes for their communities and the people they work with. We do this through a range of offerings, from financial grants through to strategic and skills support.

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Wonderful LEADERS

Empowering impact entrepreneurs & leaders to accelerate their impact. Wonderful Leaders exists to encourage and empower Christian leaders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of all capacities, in their personal leadership and organisation growth with redemptive imagination.

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Wonderful SUMMIT

Gathering a generation of entrepreneurs, creators, investors, innovators and world changers. The wonderful summit is a one day event to empower and encourage a generation of christian entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators.The aim is to bring the next generation together to build community, hear stories from those that have gone before and get practical training on entrepreneurship topics.The wonderful summit has been launched and hosted by the wonderful group working in partnership with a wide range of sponsors and partners, all with a common heart to empower a community of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators.

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Empowering lives, businesses and communities for lasting impact.